Welcome to My creative lovely World of Craft and DIY


Love for crafting and DIY come from my childhood. I remembered the day when our Grand mom / Mom used to or you can say find numerous solution to recycle single things from a jute rope to Milk bag and so alike this. Since from childhood I have been enjoying organized decoration, From my own Nest to Relative’s Home, From my study table to Hostel’s Study table decor and many more like these.

From experience I can guarantee you that you can recycle almost everything which you have in your store or backyard and give them a new fresh look. Well now I am exploring the same and many more as my favorite passion. Life is just not about doing work, It’s something what you are enjoying most.

Please do follow and join me for more DIY / Craft creation with proper description. Any queries on tutorial will be given most importance and also criticism about anything or you want to add or change or want to share ideas are most welcome.

You can also follow me on my Instagram page.You can search me by the name of misra_samarpita7 . Do follow, comment, like and share.

Thank you all beautiful people for your love and support. Keep smiling and Live fullest and not forget to recycle your used belongings at least once in your lifetime. Enjoy. 

Happy Crafting 🙂

Samarpita Walia.


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